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6 YouTube Channels to Help You Cram


Thanks to these 6 educational YouTube channels, cramming for class has never been easier.  Continue reading “6 YouTube Channels to Help You Cram”

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start An Internship

Not all internships are created equal. Here are the 6 questions you need to ask yourself to make sure an internship is right for you.Checklist-image Continue reading “6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start An Internship”

Your Science Textbook Needs an Update


If you bought a physics or astronomy textbook in 2016, it already needs to be updated. Continue reading “Your Science Textbook Needs an Update”

7 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software



As the costs of textbooks & tuition skyrocket, you need all the free stuff you can get. Here are the best free replacements for common software you’ll likely need in college.  Continue reading “7 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software”

5 Tips to Design A Stand-Out Resume

The final step to winning the resume war is having a resume that looks good so that it gets noticed from the pile of other, less attractive ones. Continue reading “5 Tips to Design A Stand-Out Resume”

10 Quick Tips to Maintain your New Year’s Resolutions

The end of January usually means the death of your resolutions for the New Year. Here are our tips to keep sticking to your goals. Continue reading “10 Quick Tips to Maintain your New Year’s Resolutions”

11 Common Interview Questions and The Best Ways to Answer Them

11 Common Interview Questions and The Best Way to Answer Them recently compiled a list of the most common questions interviewers ask. Here are the top questions and the best ways to answer them to land the job. Continue reading “11 Common Interview Questions and The Best Ways to Answer Them”

An Act of Random Kindness- a college tale

Like most good stories, this one starts with trouble.

That day, my Dad’s car was in the shop. Continue reading “An Act of Random Kindness- a college tale”

3 Easy Budget Strategies for College Students

The best way to survive the ramen years is to budget.

But before we say anything else, listen up.

Continue reading “3 Easy Budget Strategies for College Students”

Twitter is about to become Diet Facebook

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently suggested that Twitter is considering removing the 140 character limit, which will take away the only thing that makes twitter unique in the Social Media world.

Hashtags? Instagram and Facebook both have them. Celebrity follows, interaction with people you don’t know? Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, and Snapchat, and Reddit, to name a few. Twitter is really good for breaking news, true, but they aren’t a news app. They are the fun, short message social media platform that used hashtags first (and, undeniably, the most effectively).

But now, if Twitter is truly removing the only thing to make it unique, it’s going to become diet Facebook. It’s already a lighter shade of blue for that “low calorie” social media flavor.

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