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We genuinely had no idea this story would become as big as it did. Here’s the full story in one place, for the curious:

Browsing Reddit the other day, I came across a posting titled “Sell books back like a true college student” with this picture:



When I zoomed and squinted, I noticed that the label said Salem, OR. Which could only mean that these oven fresh books were coming to Bookbyte. I printed out the photo and brought it down to our shipping department, telling them to let me know whenever this arrived.

So sure enough, the box arrived. And inside were two engineering books. Which, when I think about it, is probably the least surprising detail in the story.

I wrote back to the guy who sent them in letting him know how much we appreciated his box breaking up the monotony of our day, and now the email and the photo of the box are currently duking it out with King Richard III’s bones for upvote supremacy on Reddit.

Here’s a few more photos of the book in our warehouse:

pizza_box_buyback_05 pizza_box_buyback_07 pizza_box_buyback_01 pizza_box_buyback_03


Comments on: "The Books We Got in a Pizza Box" (1)

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