What the heck is going on in February?
What the heck is going on in February?

If you’ve poked around our site, specifically the Sell Textbooks page, you’ve probably come across the graph you see on the right. It’s not random! It’s based on actual data from our top titles from the past few years. We included it on our Sell Textbooks page to show that the market value of textbooks drops quickly over the course of the year, so it’s generally a good idea to sell your books as soon as you’re done with them.

But that doesn’t explain the weird little bump that’s happening in February. What’s the story there?

Aside from the condition of the book, our buyback quotes are based on two things: the market value of the book and how much we have in stock. The fewer copies of a book we have in our warehouse, the more we’ll offer to buy another copy.

When February rolls around, our inventory is lower than usual, because we’ve sold so many books at the start of the new term in January. Therefore, even though the market value steadily falls over time, our prices get a February bump because of the way our algorithm looks at our inventory.

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