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About Us

Bookbyte has been providing cheap textbooks to college students for over 12 years. We have a selection of millions of used college textbooks and one of the best textbook buyback programs in the business.

But that’s not all we do. Over at Bookbyte Digital, we provide services for self-publishing authors and small presss — things like editing, cover design, and conversion — and specializing in complicated designs (like illustrations, footnotes, and sidebars) that normal ebook converters can’t handle.

And here on the Bookbyte Blog, we get together to talk about education and entertainment in the digital age, especially where it affects college students.

Site Staff

Chris Fannon coordinates the digital publishing efforts of the company and is the current lead writer/editor of the Bookbyte Blog. He typically writes about books or gaming when he’s in a good mood and rank hypocrisy when he’s in a less-than-good mood.

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