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If College Course Descriptions Were Upworthy Posts

It is very, very difficult to browse the Internet without coming across a link to an Upworthy article. Even if you don’t know these by name, you’ve certainly seen them. The Upworthy formula taps into some subconscious part of the brain that makes you click on a link before you’ve even processed that you don’t really care about what it says. This type of writing is impossible to avoid these days, as so much of our online interaction is decided by triggering impulse behavior.

So what happens when these become skills worth passing on to future generations? What if editors on sites like Buzzfeed moved on to academia? How would they get you to take their classes?

Reference too obscure? Click on the image for an explanation. Because there’s nothing funnier than a joke explained.

HIST 211 – Early United States History

Some People Call It the Best Speech in Presidential History. After Watching It, I'm One of Them.

PSYC 305 – Brain and Behavior

A Metal Rod Went Through This Guy's Head. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

FINC 215 – Personal Finance

I Thought I Knew How to Manage My Bank Account. Turns Out I Had No Idea.

MUSC 252 – Music History I

Listen to the Song He Wrote. The Crazy Part? He Can't Even Hear It.

CHEM 102 – Molecular Chemistry Lab

10 Insane Things from Breaking Bad You Can Do IRL

ENGL 320 – Medieval Literature

This Woman Absolutely Destroys Slut-Shaming in Just 828 Verses

PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy

What This Guy Has to Say About Caves and Shadows Will Blow Your Mind

FNAR 201 – Art History – Renaissance to Modern

The Artist Says This Is Not a Pipe. His Explanation Will Change Everything You Believe.

STAT 203 - Fundamentals of Statistics

93% of People Who Take This Final Can't Do It Without Crying

MARK 201 – Principles of Marketing

This Is Why You're Spending All Your Time on Websites Like BuzzFeed and Upworthy. And It's Devastating.

10 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Avoid This Year

Every year, there are a handful of costumes (usually something topical) that dominate Halloween. This is especially true in college, where the resources you have to throw together a decent costume are usually pretty limited. Last year, if you overlook the typical pirates and Marios and other costumes that never go out of fashion, you got around 25% Mitt Romney, 25% Barack Obama, and 50% Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Here’s our list of ten costumes you’re basically guaranteed to see walking around this year, ranked on the Heath Ledger as Joker Terrifying Scale.

Daft Punk

  • Costume: Biker helmets, gloves, shiny jackets
  • Why this costume? Because this was the year that everyone on the planet suddenly remembered how much they liked Daft Punk.
  • Terrifying Level: 0 Heath Ledger Jokers

North West

  • Costume: Diaper, shutter shades
  • Why this costume? You might be surprised at how many college students jump at the opportunity to dress like a baby. When it’s a famous baby that’s easily recognized with the addition of cheap props, you have a dream costume.
  • Terrifying Level: 0.2 Heath Ledger Jokers020p_joker

Lance Armstrong and/or A-Rod


Source: USA Today

  • Costume: Biking jersey or Yankees uniform, fake muscle suit, Livestrong bracelet or t-shirt that says “Biogenesis”
  • Why this costume? It was a bad year to be world-class athlete caught cheating.
  • Terrifying Level: 0.4 Heath Ledger Jokers040p_joker


100 Things to Not Do During Finals Week

The most sinister thing about finals week is the way it tempts you into thinking you have more free time. There’s a voice in the back of your head that says, “Yeah! No classes!” That voice is very hard to shut up when your head is buried in your textbook or in front of your laptop re-reading your final paper for the 100th time.

If you find yourself fighting with your brain about how to spend your study time, consult this list. While definitely not comprehensive, you can be sure that if your brain is telling you to do something on this list, you should definitely not do it.

  1. Thoroughly clean your dorm or apartment.
  2. Fix all the lingering feng shui problems with your dorm or apartment.dorm-room-feng-shui
  3. Fixing the feng shui problems with the campus library (until they throw you out).
  4. Fix that desk drawer that keeps sticking.
  5. Shop around Craigslist for a better desk.
  6. Learn how to build a desk.
  7. Build a desk.
  8. Accept that practice makes perfect, throw away your first attempt at building a desk, and build a second, better one.
  9. Laundry, beyond the essentials. Your dirty hoodie can stay dirty a bit longer.
  10. Manually hitting refresh on your inbox. If you find yourself doing it manually, it’s because you’re putting off something you should be doing instead.
  11. Multitask studying. It’s bad for your memory.
  12. Think about what the state of the economy means for your job search. (more…)

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