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100 Things to Not Do During Finals Week

The most sinister thing about finals week is the way it tempts you into thinking you have more free time. There’s a voice in the back of your head that says, “Yeah! No classes!” That voice is very hard to shut up when your head is buried in your textbook or in front of your laptop re-reading your final paper for the 100th time.

If you find yourself fighting with your brain about how to spend your study time, consult this list. While definitely not comprehensive, you can be sure that if your brain is telling you to do something on this list, you should definitely not do it.

  1. Thoroughly clean your dorm or apartment.
  2. Fix all the lingering feng shui problems with your dorm or apartment.dorm-room-feng-shui
  3. Fixing the feng shui problems with the campus library (until they throw you out).
  4. Fix that desk drawer that keeps sticking.
  5. Shop around Craigslist for a better desk.
  6. Learn how to build a desk.
  7. Build a desk.
  8. Accept that practice makes perfect, throw away your first attempt at building a desk, and build a second, better one.
  9. Laundry, beyond the essentials. Your dirty hoodie can stay dirty a bit longer.
  10. Manually hitting refresh on your inbox. If you find yourself doing it manually, it’s because you’re putting off something you should be doing instead.
  11. Multitask studying. It’s bad for your memory.
  12. Think about what the state of the economy means for your job search. (more…)

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