5 Things NOT to Bring to the Dorms
There are dorm room essentials…and then there’s this stuff.

The amount of dorm “necessities” seems to grow every year – at least that’s what companies want you to think. Here are a few of the most illogical items that the Sharper Image, Pottery Barn, and other interior design offenders have included in their dorm collections, in no particular order.

monogrammed sheets

Designer Sheets (Pottery Barn)

Don’t make your parents spend their money on the monogrammed Twin XL sheets that can pretty much only be used while you’re at the dorms. You’re going to be so happy to flop into bed after hours of studying (or partying) that it won’t matter if your sheets are made from Egyptian cotton or polyester.

yogurt maker

Yogurt Maker (Sharper Image)

For when you’re really craving a cup of yogurt for those late-night study sessions… I guess? Probably the only way you’d end up with this impractical appliance is if a clueless but well-intentioned family member searched “dorm” on the Sharper Image website. With a dining hall food card and a million coffee shops around campus, you won’t even need a coffee machine let alone a specialty yogurt maker.


Stuff Printed With Meaningless Quotes (Dormify)

Lately we’ve been bombarded by meaninglessly motivational/inspirational quotes that are hackneyed and, well, dumb. Now they’re making their way onto printed goods. I’m all about making boring dorm rooms personal with throw pillows and fun wall art, but if you’re collecting stuff to personalize your space, I would avoid throw pillows with “I ♥ life” printed on them. Are there people against life?


privacy pop bed

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Brookstone)

Okay, I think this is kind of cool. But it’s also ridiculous. It may be annoying when your roommate keeps the light on to study when you’re trying to sleep, but there are ways to deal other than trying to out-annoy them back (like this sleep mask). And I can’t help but think of Bubble Boy.

snack bar hutch 2

Snack Bar Hutch (Pottery Barn)

Pottery Barn makes the list twice with this Snack Bar Hutch listed under Dorm Storage. Unfortunately, at 4’ x 2½’, it’s likely to be as big as your half of the dorm room. I guess you could always store your yogurt maker in it…